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Continuing Your Project

If you would like continue the project you began in DIG3152, or would like to develop another editing project, here are some suggestions.

DIG4944 Digital Humanities Internship

DIG4944 Digital Humanities Internship is an elective for the minor in Digital Humanities. By approval of Dr. McCarl, a digital editing project could be undertaken in the context of DIG4944 with the North Florida Editing Workshop as the sponsoring agency. A local archive could also be the internship host or co-host. A student undertaking an internship of this sort would need to first prepare a proposal, and if approved, complete 150 hours of work during the semester in question. The student would also need to conduct the project with a relatively high degree of independence.

Research Grants through the Office of Undergraduate Research

The UNF Office of Undergraduate Research offers grants for students to do independent research under a faculty mentor. For more information, contact Dr. Karen Cousins

Minor in Digital Humanities

If you enjoyed this course, you should enrolling in the minor in Digital Humanities. Contact Dr. James Beasley, coordinator, for more information.